12 Pack 2 Inch All Black PU Swivel Caster Wheel With Brake

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DUAL LOCKING BRAKE: The total locking brake locks both the wheel and the swivel. ROTATE: 360 degrees. Smooth and Silent and Sturdy. Capacity: 65lbs each.

PLATE SIZE: 50mm, 1.96″ X 50mm, 1.96″. Hole Center To Hole Center: 33mm, 1.29″.

MOUNTING HOLE DIMENSIONS: 6mm X 11.7mm. Caster Wheel Width: 19mm, 0.7″. Overall Height: 70mm, 2.75″. Caster Wheel Diameter: 50mm, 2″.

CASTER WHEEL: Polyurethane. COLOR: All Black. Ball bearings: Double ball bearings.

WHEEL MATERIALS AND PERFORMANCE: Premium Caster wheels are made of high-quality polyurethane wheels with strong abrasion resistance, silent shock absorber, wearproof, no drag marks and enhance the impact resistance of the whole caster.

MULTITUDE OF APPLICATIONS: The all black caster wheels can be used for a different applications including: Flight Cases, Instrument Cases, Dollies, Tool Boxes, Light Machinery, Equipment Stands, Mobile Workstations, Speakers, Cabinets, Stands, Amps, Electrical Enclosures, Furniture etc.


  • Rotate 360 degrees
  • Dual Locking Brake
  • Smooth and Silent and Sturdy
  • Capacity: 65lbs each caster wheel
  • Plate Size: 50mm, 1.96″ X 50mm, 1.96″
  • Hole Center To Hole Center: 33mm, 1.29″
  • Mounting Hole Dimensions: 6mm X 11.7mm
  • Overall Height: 70mm, 2.75″
  • Caster Wheel Width: 19mm, 0.7″
  • Caster Wheel Diameter: 50mm, 2″
  • Caster Wheel Material: Polyurethane
  • Caster Wheel Color: All Black
  • Ball bearings: Double ball bearings

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